Restoration of the iconic Evel Knievel Rig!

Evel Knievel’s 1974 Mack FS700L cabover, rescued from weeds and general dereliction in a yard in Clearwater, FL by none other that Lathan McKay (who owns the largest Evel Knievel collection in the world) and Robb Mariani (from American Trucker). The story was told on and episode of American Truck titled “Finding Evel”.

Tex was approached by Lathan and Robb,  to help bring the rig back to life. He had no hesitation in agreeing to be a part of such a monumental, true historical restoration. He and a team of others work for months planning for it. Everything had to be restored back to original! Historic Harley Davidson in Topeka KS is where the total restoration process took place.

The rig can now be seen in it’s full glory at the Evel Knieval Museum at Historic Harley Davidson in Topeka, KS.

“This was so far the highlight of my time as a custom painter. I’ve wanted to paint something of his since I was a kid. This was Evel’s original rig that toured the country to each of his jumps. Lathan McKay and Robb Maraini worked together and got me involved. Mucho thanks!!”